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A loan without a credit check – for many consumers who are short of cash, that sounds very tempting. But beware, reputable credit intermediaries and banks will never lend money to a client without having thoroughly checked their credit worthiness. Through the credit check before lending, the bank wants to prevent defaulting during the repayment phase and leaves the bank stuck to its claims. The audit will never prevent a loan default, but it will sort out less creditworthy clients from the beginning.

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Payday loans no checking account required -Apply online for loan bad credit
Sheila Jones 22 Jun,2019

In general, asking for a loan if you have a bad credit history is a bad idea. It is also unlikely that financial institutions will give it to you. On the other hand, if you are in debt and apply for a loan, you will affect your reputation as a responsible person, since you give […]


Loan and Credit
Sheila Jones 30 Nov,2019

Loan and Credit is intended to be a comprehensive portal for information, guides, comparisons and other help regarding loans and borrowing money. There are a large number of articles about everything possible concerning different types of loans, from mortgages and car loans to private loans and micro loans. You can read about loans and their […]


Payday loan document: Build your loan application
Sheila Jones 13 Jun,2019

Before you can give you a payday loan, your lender will study your finances and review your personal situation. To do this, you will provide him with a list of important documents. Moreover, this approach contributes to the strengthening of consumer rights, which requires banks to check the creditworthiness of their future borrowers, before providing […]