Before the loan is granted, the bank conducts a credit check

A loan without a credit check – for many consumers who are short of cash, that sounds very tempting. But beware, reputable credit intermediaries and banks will never lend money to a client without having thoroughly checked their credit worthiness. Through the credit check before lending, the bank wants to prevent defaulting during the repayment phase and leaves the bank stuck to its claims. The audit will never prevent a loan default, but it will sort out less creditworthy clients from the beginning.

The information required by the bank to determine the applicant’s creditworthiness comes from two sources: from credit reporting agencies such as bank and from the applicant itself. The Bank receives information on its current liabilities from bank in addition to personal information about the consumer and past payment behavior. For example, in the past, if the claimant has failed to settle an invoice on time, this is noted in his bank file and has a negative impact on credit quality. Credit bureaus do not store any data about the client’s financial circumstances. Since these are very important for the lending, the customer must send this information to the bank itself. The documents required by the bank from the potential borrower to prove income depend on the client’s profession.

For workers and employees with regular incomes, it is sufficient to prove the amount of monthly income on the basis of the last proof of income. Since self-employed and freelancers do not have a regular salary, they have to prove their income otherwise. Depending on the bank, these potential borrowers must provide the bank at least the latest income tax assessment and a current business analysis. In addition, most banks require from their potential customers a completed self-report and the bank statements of recent months. With the help of all this data, the bank creates a household bill for the customer. In this way, the bank determines the maximum monthly repayment installment, the term and interest amount for the loan. The better the creditworthiness of the potential customer, the lower the interest which this customer has to pay for his loan.

Who get grants not loans because of their poor credit rating of the bank consumers should stay away from urgently online loans have no credit check. Behind these offers are often fraudsters. After the unsuspecting customer has paid a high down payment to the rogue, it usually never comes to pay the desired amount of money.